Sunday, January 27, 2008

Economic Cartoon Idea

Based on the discussion in my previous posting, I was thinking it would be great if some artist would draw a cartoon where Uncle Sam is in a cowboy hat pulling his two pistols out to shoot the recession outlaw. One pistol is labeled fiscal policy and the other one is labeled monetary policy. However, as Uncle Sam pulls the triggers he realizes he is out of ammunition in both guns. On the ground we see some empty shells with 'Bush budget deficits' and '2002-2005 low interest rate policy' written on them. You see panic set in on Uncle Sam's face as he realizes he is out of ammunition. I am hoping that some artist out there reads this request and draws up the cartoon. The artist can take full credit for the cartoon too. Just get me the picture so I can post it on my blog.

Marmico in the comments sections points us to a hilarious cartoon that captures the spirit of my above posting:


  1. But then he calls on his friends, the Asian Tigers (ninjas and samurai), for help.

  2. Great idea Gabriel! Now we just need someone to draw it up.

  3. Ahh, but you didn't notice...his monetary policy revolver is a Smith and Wesson Model 617 ten-shot. That leaves about 6 more rounds for future varmints. The problem though, is that the 617 only shoots 22's.

  4. Not quite what you wanted, but consider this from Katy Delay of Sybil's Star.

  5. Great picture Marmico! Thanks for the link. I have placed the picture in the posting.

  6. Love that Idea. I would like to work toguether, I was wondering if you could give us Ideas for cartoons, that involve insights on US economics. (Specifics that I would like to talk to you about through private e-mail) Please check out our last 4 cartoons, and tell us what you think.
    Thank you,

  7. Paco:

    I would be glad to send ideas your way when they occur. Email me at