Monday, July 11, 2016

Macro Musings Podcast: Mark Thoma

My latest Macro Musings podcast is with Mark Thoma of the University of Oregon, the Fiscal Times, and CBS Money. Mark is also the author of Economist's View, one of the original and premier blogs covering macroeconomic issues. 

Mark sat down with me to discuss a number of interesting questions. First, we covered the impact blogging has had on academic economists. Is blogging now required to be a successful academic economist? Will tenure one day be granted, in part, based on one's blogging efforts? Is blogging good PR for a university's department of economics? Finally, does blogging influence policy making? 

Second, we discussed recent macroeconomic issues. What caused the Great Recession? Was monetary and fiscal policy responsive enough to the crisis?  Could macroeconomic policy have done more? Is secular stagnation real and have we truly exhausted technical innovations? Is there a safe asset problem?

Finally, Mark discusses his work on the political business cycle. It was great conversation throughout. 

You can listen to the podcast via iTunes, Sound Cloud, Stitcher, or your favorite podcast app. You can also listen through the embedded player above. And remember to subscribe since more guest are coming!

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