Monday, September 1, 2008

Great Economic Podcasts

Josh Hendrickson directs us to Bloomberg's On the Economy podcasts with Tom Keane. Josh directs us specifically to the August 21 podcast on the credit crunch where several influential observers are interviewed by Tom Keane. The other podcasts also look interesting. They seem to cover the hot economic and market topics of the day.

Be sure to also check out Russ Robert's podcasts at EconTalk. He does a great job interviewing experts and book authors on a number topics from an economic perspective.

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  1. I am a former student of yours at TxSt and i enjoy reading your blog. I think EconTalk is GREAT! Ive been listening to it for quite some time. Thanks for the other recommendation, I am downloading a few of the Bloomberg podcasts to listen to next week.

    On an unrelated topic, have you read "Does Studying Economics Inhibit Cooperation?" I read it for the first time today and it made me chuckle a little. As an economics educator i think you may find it enlightening/amusing.

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