Monday, April 18, 2016

Macro Musings Podcast: John Taylor

My latest Macro Musing podcast is with John Taylor of Stanford University.  It was an interesting conversation throughout and we covered a lot of ground. We talked about the Taylor Rule, the Great Inflation, the housing boom period, the Great Recession, QE, the failure of the Fed to hit its inflation target, the international dimensions of Fed policy, rules versus discretion, and the latest efforts by Congress to nudge the Fed towards a more rules-based approach to monetary policy. A big thanks to John Taylor for being a part of the show!

You can listen to the podcast via iTunesStitcher, Sound Cloud, or the embedded player above. And remember to subscribe since more guest are coming!

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  1. The episode doesn't seem to be up on iTunes. I enjoyed the Sumner podcast.

    1. Sorry about that Peter. It should be up later today. Working on it.

      Glad you liked Sumner's podcast.

  2. David Thank you so much for the podcast. It really does help student like me. I wished the sound quality was better on this one though, not that I am saying it is that bad. Also I read this one after this episode which was very illuminating.

  3. Another thanks for the podcast. Very informative (would have been interesting to hear John Taylor's views on NGDP targeting as well). Hope you are able to do many more.

  4. It's so good to hear an economist like Taylor. I wonder when he'll get a Nobel Prize...