Wednesday, January 9, 2008

What Does the Recession Mean for Religiosity?

I have received some inquiries about my research that looks at the relationship between the business cycle and religiosity. I have posted previously about it, but given the increased interest and the fact that the U.S. appears to be going into--if not already in--a recession I am reposting the abstract and the link to the paper.

Praying for a Recession: The Business Cycle and Protestant Church Growth in the United States (link)

Some observers believe the business cycle influences religiosity. This possibility is empirically explored in this paper by examining the relationship between macroeconomic conditions and Protestant religiosity in the United States. The findings of this paper suggest there is a strong countercyclical component to religiosity for evangelical Protestants while for mainline Protestants there is both a weak countercyclical component and a strong procyclical component.

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