Friday, July 25, 2008

Dan is the Man!

Daniel Drezner that is. He had a short piece on Marketplace that speaks to one of the more frustrating conversations I have on regular basis now. It goes something like this: "It must be nice to have your summers off." or "What exactly do you do during the summer time?" My dear friends who ask this question do not seem to appreciate that a lack of teaching does not mean a lack of work--especially for a tenure track professor! That is why I enjoyed Daniel's piece so much. Listen to it and feel the pain of an academic!


  1. I get this all the time! I am teaching Money and Banking, studying for a qualifying exam, trying to write/polish papers for publication and trying to develop a dissertation -- not to mention the fact that my wife and I have a ten month old son. Nevertheless, this only amounts to about 6 hours of teaching/office hours a week and thus I seemingly do nothing.

  2. I am impressed...doing econ grad school with a 10 month old. Hang in there Josh!

  3. Oh dear, more of that curious American work psychosis..
    In the more civilized parts of the globe, vacation time is cherished. French workers I believe have about 5 weeks of paid vacation.