Monday, July 7, 2008

Double Trouble


  1. Hi David
    I really appreciate your great works on your website, and I received a
    lot of information from these beautiful pictures. Besides, I have a blog in Chinese
    that discusses about investment and financial surroundings. I wonder that if
    I can use some graphs from your website to strength my context, and I will
    express the important information that these graphs are from your website, also I will Using trackback or backlink to your website too.

    In a word, I want to know the usage of your graph in my personal blog is illegal or not, and I hope you can give me these useful materials.Thank you very much.

  2. Fundy:

    Feel free to use the graphics.


  3. dear David
    thank you for your kind.^_^
    have a question about
    There's "another bubble" on the down left corner and a car wreckage, what's the metaphor behind?

    thank you so much